Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fundraising or Fashion???

Ok...So Lance Armstrong comes up with this fantastic idea to raise money for cancer. Create wristbands worth a dollar each and people get a chance to contribute towards cancer research and at the same time show that they support it via these yellow wristbands. A fantastic idea indeed.

Although, when people start copying a unique idea such as this, it wears it out and becomes almost...lame.
I mean there is almost a wristband for everything now and they come in all different colours. Everyone wears them...which is great but why are people wearing these bands. I mean is it solely for fashion now that they are available in all different colours according to foundation or do these people genuinely want to contribute towards that particular fund?
It's truly a shame when one comes up with a great idea that works immensely well and then everyone just has to go out and copy it. Also, it’s not just fundraising organizations that are doing this but rather corporations which are just using it as selling ploy.
Anyways...I hope people realise the origination of these bands and give due credit and also if purchasing one...not doing so due to the sole reason of fashion. I personally sport the white wrist band to end poverty from the LIVE 8 concert.
So...if you’re thinking of getting these bands please be diligent in choosing and be conscious of what you’re purchasing the band for.
In connection to are a few organizations which I personally feel are worthy of attention and need to be recognized:

Lance Armstrong Foundation (Cancer) -
Save Darfur (The current crisis in Sudan) -
Make Poverty History (The fight to end poverty) -
One (The fight to end poverty) –

If there are other organizations that you feel need to be noted please feel free to comment.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Third post...INTRO!

OK So i guess I never really introduced my self properly to the blog world persay. Well to tell you the truth I wasnt even going to become a "blogger" but then when Zoollu started asking me questions about his...I tested on my nonexistant one...and now here we go...IVE GOT

Well a bit bout me...not much realy...for those of you who are visiting this..probably alreaady know me so no biggie. Although, I am in University now..Back to UWO-check the pic (London, Ontario)...woot woot. I'm loving it here as one can imagine being a youngin and away from'm not really that imature..cut me a break why dont ya.

Umm bet's great, got new house mates and they are extrememly chilled in the truest sense of the

What missing home though a tiny family mostly...and TORONTO! :( and being without internet is not the funnest thing in the world..i MISS YOU ALL soo much...:(

Well..I'm not too sure what else to write about myself..I'm not one to brag so...but if u feel u need to know more...please feel free to ask and I'll see if I can accomadate ur question ;) my blog is all ready and set to go...the bush was just a mere warm up...hehe...

Sunday, September 04, 2005


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