Sunday, October 09, 2005

Must See!

"Zana Aunty," as the kids call her is a mere photographer from the States who went to India to take pictures of women working in the Red Light District. She did indeed do this for the beginning portion of her trip there however not for long; as she started to grow fond of the kids. Kids, who buzzed around the workplace, playing with one another and doing a variety of jobs for their mothers while the mothers were busy with their work. Forced into such an atmosphere these kids faced an undesirable future ahead as the girls were set to “join the line” and the boys…well there really wasn’t much for the boys to do considering their status.

Zana, building on her relationship with these kids, began a photography class in hopes that it would aid them even slightly to learn a trade of sorts. She gave each of them a camera, taught them how to use it and sent them off to explore the world of photography. Along with their exploration and Zana’s ambition to help these kids, came the birth of the documentary, “Born into Brothels”.

Zana Briski helped these children, shown above-Tapasi, Suchitra, Shanti, Puja, Manik, Kochi, Gour, and Avijit-, in giving them an opportunity to explore something that they themselves would never have reach of. She stayed there for two years off-and-on trying her best to get these children somewhere. With the documentary…which received rave reviews and accolades of awards brought an awareness of these kids and the mere concept that one individual can indeed make a difference in the world. All that is needed is ambition.

In light of “Born into Brothels,” a foundation was found called “Kids with Cameras” which attempts to reach out to these children and giving them opportunities that they never fathomed. Photography workshops are set up in Calcutta, the origin of the foundation, as well as in Haiti, Jerusalem, and Cairo. Galleries and auctions are held selling the children’s pieces where all the proceeds go back into the foundation to help them further their reach.

I have not gone into details of the movie as you should all definitely take some time out to watch it on your own. Surely, it will tug on your heart strings…and is absolutely an amazing experience.

Born into Brothels- a must see!