Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is simply a call for opinions and theories...
What is LIFE to you?

Why are we here?

What's the point of it all?

Lemme know what you think!


Girish Kaundinya said...

People often ask this question when actually they want answers to some other questions :-).
There are different answers to this question. If you ask a software engg. he would say that the answers cannot be
found as the computer is down...and if you ask swati she will give you a biological definition that humans have mass
and appearance that can be measured and observed :P.
It seems inherent in our nature to ask questions like these....why do we exist? what is existence? ...we sepcify that an
object exists...if it manifests itself in an observable manner. Things which exists and do not manifest themselves in any
way or form, do not exist, otherwise it would be meaningless to say it exists. And we humans do exist because we manifest ourselves, both by subjective physiological means and scientific standards. The driving force for the basic mechanism for the existence and purpose of life can be best stated in the pain/pleasure priniciple : Every living organism, including every human being, always acts in what it considers to be in its best self-interest: To avoid pain and
to enhance pleasure. Only organisms that perceive a threat to their existence as an unpleasant emotion, a perception of pain, can survive and replicate.

Still you aren't satisfied? then i suggest you go watch the movie : It's a wonderful life.

Keshi said...

Nice one Suga...and pretty pic too.

Life to me is a series of events from birth to death...both happy n sad...ultimately its only a flash of light that graces this Earth just's presence is very short so we all have to make good use of it's duration.


Michelle said...

can't define it, don't think i can...never experienced whats beyond 'life'. that could be better...but for now, this works...

pravin said...

Life to me is the smell of the earth when it rains. I suppose that sums it all :-)

Nitin Sinha said...

Life is shit.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Anonymous said...

life? for me? Is you :)

Anonymous said...

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Keshi said...

where art thou?


Keshi said...

aww ty sweetie! I know ur always near me :) HUGS!


Prax said...

Tough questions...tougher answers!

Keshi said...

hows u sweetie?


Enigma said...

Came here thru keshi's. Found it gud!!

I dont think anyone in the world could answer this question confidently. Even though they do it is just their interpretation and i don't think none would be correct.

anyway life to me is just the reason for our presence. And we're here cuz we're supposed to. And i don't believe in achiving things and all BS. And there's really no point of all this. It's just that we gotta live this life for watever reason we feel we should.